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At Emerging Therapy Solutions® (ETS), we provide the crucial insights, expert data and analysis, and comprehensive support payers need to manage the immense costs, potential risks and intricate processes associated with treating rare and complex medical conditions.

As scientific breakthroughs speed the delivery of revolutionary new therapies, we understand your critical need to identify potential risks, so you can plan and price accordingly for catastrophic claims.

Turn to us to help you be prepared, keep pace and offer coverage and pricing to connect patients to the specialized, life-changing therapies they need.

End-to-End Management Solutions

Reinforced by our deep background in specialty pharmacy and transplant, we offer a comprehensive suite of products and services for solid organ and bone marrow transplant, cell and gene therapies, and other costly therapies.

Our products and services includes data analytics, clinical and medical coverage content, access to facilities and contracted rates, plan design and decision support, along with intrinsic process know-how across the coverage continuum. Learn more about several of our leading services:

Network Access and Referral Management

When a member is referred for complex and/or high-cost care, we can help you evaluate options and guide the process.

From understanding the treatment options and identifying Programs of Excellence to forecasting costs and potential long-term savings, to reviewing and repricing claims, we can help you better predict your risk.

ETS Knowledge Center and Clinical Content

Staying on top of the latest innovations is a challenge – especially with conditions and therapies this costly and complex. We have the tools, relationships, and expertise to help.

From curating content that is not readily available, to monitoring the cell and gene therapy clinical trial landscape, to our expert clinical panels focused on key pipeline therapeutic areas, we can help you keep your teams informed and prepared.

Cell and Gene Therapy Forecasting Report Service

To help you understand your risk and anticipate your potential exposure, we monitor existing and emerging high-cost, complex treatment options, and provide claims-based analysis and modeling for actuaries and underwriters.

Our customized risk forecasts are purpose-built to estimate cost and utilization of emerging therapies.


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