Emerging Therapy Solutions® and LifeTrac become premier solution provider under one brand to help payers manage risk of highly specialized treatments.

Upcoming virtual event will showcase newly integrated suite of services and expert perspectives on clinical pipeline and catastrophic claims.

BLOOMINGTON, Minn., March 25, 2021 – It’s official: Emerging Therapy Solutions® (ETS) has become the premier end-to-end solution provider to help payers manage the immense cost, high risk and intricate processes associated with treating rare, complex and costly medical conditions.

Known for its industry expertise in cell and gene therapies, ETS acquired LifeTrac in 2020, which brought over 30 years of experience in bone marrow and solid organ transplants, plus provider relationships and agreements, to ETS. Together for the past year, the business has now completed its transition and will operate as Emerging Therapy Solutions® (ETS).

“With LifeTrac and Emerging Therapy Solutions coming together under one brand, our combined team is better positioned to provide more innovative solutions within the transplant and cell therapy space,” said David J. McLean, Ph.D., Co-founder and CEO, ETS. “With enhanced product offerings and expert support, we will continue to provide the robust solutions and excellent service our mutual customers rely on.”

Creating better clinical and financial outcomes

From its inception as a pioneer in transplant networks in 1988 as a product of Allianz Life Insurance Company’s health care reinsurance division, LifeTrac kept pace with the changing clinical environment to offer solutions that focused on high-cost, low-frequency medical events beyond transplants. Early on, the company entered into case rate arrangements with leading treatment providers to help patients gain access to expert high-quality care, while reducing the variability in cost for payers and improving their management of catastrophic claims risk.

As the trusted liaison, LifeTrac services included clinical support, referral support, and claims repricing and reporting. LifeTrac provided these services across a wide range of complex conditions and treatments, specialty pharmacy solutions and transplants. In 2019, LifeTrac began developing a network for emerging cell therapies, as an adjunct to stem cell transplants.

Meanwhile, industry veterans of managed care solutions, healthcare biotech, and transplant founded ETS in 2018 to help streamline the supply chain, reduce costs for payers, and increase the rate of innovation for life-changing treatments. ETS services included data analytics, clinical and medical coverage content, access to networks with contracted rates, plan design and decision support, along with intrinsic process know-how across the coverage continuum.

Empowering Payers with End-to-End Management Solutions

Now, as one integrated company, ETS offers a comprehensive suite of services for solid organ and bone marrow transplant, cell and gene therapies, and other highly specialized therapies to help reinsurance and stop-loss payers, health plans, and self-funded employers better predict their risk. The business has over 110 contracted medical centers for solid organ transplants, stem cell transplants, and cell and gene therapies.

“I am very proud that LifeTrac helped change – and save – lives for over 30 years, with unparalleled clinical and operational support” said Bonnie L. Anderson, Vice President, Networks, ETS and former president of LifeTrac. “Together as one brand with ETS, our collective organization will be even more equipped to provide timely innovative solutions to connect payers, providers and patients to revolutionary therapies.”

Celebrating joined forces

To celebrate the launch and reintroduce the combined expertise, ETS is hosting a virtual LIVE event for industry stakeholders on June 24.

The event will include expert guest speakers who will share perspective and insights on the revolutionary therapies in the clinical pipeline and their potential impact on catastrophic claims. In addition, the event will feature an overview of the company’s comprehensive services.

ETS also helps payers with the plan design, analytics, clinical data modeling, and policy design related to high-cost conditions.

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