COEUS and Emerging Therapy Solutions Have Partnered to Advance Value-Based Care and Commercial Innovation

Partnership Will Drive the Adoption of Innovative Payment Models
Needed to Keep Pace with Drug Innovation and High-Priced Therapies

January 10, 2023 – Devon, PA and Bloomington, MN – COEUS Holdings (COEUS) and its subsidiaries, together a leading value-based healthcare, outcomes contracting and commercial innovation consulting firm, today announced a strategic partnership with Emerging Therapy Solutions® (ETS), a company providing risk management and cost-containment solutions associated with high-cost therapies for rare and complex conditions to healthcare payers, including reinsurers for health plans and stop loss carriers for self-funded employers.

“As the pace quickens for the introduction and increased uptake of novel, high-cost treatments, the need to develop and leverage innovative solutions to inform the payor market of what to expect, and accurately track and report patient outcomes after therapy administration continues to heighten,” said David McLean, Chief Executive Officer of ETS. “By providing our payor clients a comprehensive suite of tools and services including our Centers of Excellence (COE) network management, actuarial forecasting tools, leading clinical content, and financial tracking and reporting capabilities, ETS has built relationships with our customers to help support appropriate access for these important life-saving therapies. Through this exciting partnership, ETS is now able to provide access to the value-based contracts utilizing the COEBRA™ Platform for management, allowing us to further enhance our cost-benefit modeling of these new therapies and help our clients adjust their financial exposure over time.”

The partnership will benefit both organizations by combining their innovative services in support of the healthcare industry’s movement towards aligning payments to a therapy’s derived value.

“Innovation in drug development continues to accelerate, providing personalized life-changing therapies to patients in need. That same level of innovation needs to be deployed commercially to ensure that these novel therapies can be paid for within a healthcare system that wasn’t designed to absorb many one-time, high-cost treatments. Long-term success in value-based pricing is contingent not only on accurately defining the right group of patients and analyzing a complete record of their health in order to predict and measure their outcomes, but also ensuring we can trace back payments to any entity that has paid for a given therapy over any number of years so they can recoup some of that cost if the therapy fails” said Marc Hixson, CEO of COEUS.  “By partnering with ETS, we can leverage its client network of risk-bearing entities – ranging from first dollar payers to stop loss and reinsurance – for access to these agreements and to continue to pay for these innovative therapies while appropriately adjusting their financial risk or exposure.”

About the COEBRA™ Platform

The COEBRA™ Platform supports the collection and secure housing of data that allows disparate data sources to be combined and analyzed to better demonstrate total therapeutic impact on a patient’s illness. With today’s innovative and breakthrough medicines, there may not always be a clinical marker available to measure the value of the therapy. The COEBRA™ Platform offers a composite view of the therapeutic impact to both payers and manufacturers by incorporating metrics from claims data, electronic medical records, supply chain, patients and providers, and wearables.

The COEUS Holdings teams are singularly driven to optimize market access and commercialization infrastructure for pharmaceutical products. COEUS is a multi-specialty, commercially aligned consultancy, offering a comprehensive suite of informed solutions for successful engagement with organized customers, providers, and patients. Leveraging years of collective real-world market expertise, we offer unique perspectives into clinical and business opportunities to support your brands’ position in the marketplace. COEUS’ mission is to ensure patient access beyond the prescription. We focus on becoming your ally in navigating the healthcare universe. COEUS teams advance thought leadership, technology solutions, and communication initiatives to ensure your brands’ lifelong success. Together, we strive to redefine access solutions in the evolving domestic and global managed care markets. To learn more about COEUS and the company’s offerings, visit

About Emerging Therapy Solutions
Emerging Therapy Solutions® (ETS) helps reinsurance and stop-loss payers, health plans and self-funded employers manage the risks associated with high-cost therapies for rare and complex conditions. We offer a comprehensive suite of services for solid organ and bone marrow transplants, cell and gene therapies, and other highly specialized therapies. To learn more about ETS and the company’s offerings, visit

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